Villars Music Academy


Villars Music Academy

Think, Feel, Play.

The next Villars Music Academy is taking place from the 11 - 18 of August 2024
Applications for the 2024 Villars Music Academy are now closed

The Villars Music Academy

Created in 2022 by Aline Champion in collaboration with the Villars Institute Foundation, the aim of the Villars Music Academy is to introduce an interdisciplinary and intergenerational approach to help talented young musicians to reach their full global potential through masterclasses given by leading soloists, public performances with members of the Berliner Philharmoniker, and group coaching from experts in nutrition, fitness, and psychology.

Members of the Faculty

Guest Professors

Daniel Harding, conductor

Kolja Blacher, violin

Antoine Tamestit, viola

Nils Mönkemeyer, viola

Tabea Zimmermann, viola

Alban Gerhardt, cello

Gary Hoffman, cello

Permanent Professors of the Berliner Philharmoniker

Simone Bernardini, violin

Luiz Felipe Coelho, violin

Walter Kuessner, viola

Martin Menking, cello


Aline Champion, violin and coaching




  • Mental performance trainings: Elevate focus, boost creativity, and cultivate a resilient mindset to harmonize with your artistry.
  • Talks with experts: Join for insightful conversations, gaining valuable insights and unlocking the secrets to musical success.


  • Physical performance training: Fine-tune your musical prowess with tailored physical training.
  • Emotional awareness sessions: Explore the depth of your musical expression, connecting heart body and mind to create soul-stirring performances.


  • Join famous Guests: Unlock your musical potential through exclusive masterclasses.
  • Individual lessons with members of the Berliner Philharmoniker: Elevate your skills with personalized guidance from the Berliner Philharmoniker.
  • Chamber music with professors: Immerse yourself in collaborative artistry, refining your chamber music skills with expert guidance.
  • Chamber orchestra: Harmonize and perform in our dynamic chamber orchestra ensemble.
  • Concerts: Experience musical magic in our captivating concerts, where talent takes center stage.

Balik Farm Prize

The Balik Farm Prize is a competition exclusively for the laureates of the Villars Music Academy. The winner receives the opportunity to record a video, generously sponsored by Balik Farm Switzerland, to help launch their international music career. This year, the jury was composed of prestigious figures including Peter G. Rebeiz, Chairman and CEO of Caviar House Airport Premium and President of Balik Farm Switzerland, violinist Kolja Blacher, violist Antoine Tamestit, cellist Gary Hoffman and board member of the Villars Institute Foundation Richard McDonald.


“I wanted to thank you once again for allowing me to participate in the Villars Music Academy! It was truly one of the best and most inspiring weeks I have ever had!”

Philipp Sussman, Viola

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and rest assured that none of us will forget what you have just given us."

Brieuc Vourch, Violin

"A unique and inspiring week at the Villars Music Academy. Beyond grateful to Aline Champion for turning her vision into reality and guiding young musicians on their path"

Ava Bahari, Violin

"Thank you for this life changing experience. I am sure that everything I learned from this week will carry me through my whole life"

Gordon Lau, Viola

“I had an unparalleled week in Villars, thanks for the selfless experience. It brought me such a valuable experience and learning opportunity"

Chih-En Kuo

"It is crucial for us, young musicians, to have such an amazing support"

Jiliang Shi

Villars Music Academy 2022 Video

Click on the video to watch the 2022 Villars Music Video ➡️


The Villars Music Academy is about playing, and if we talk about playing, we are also talking about how to feel and how to think to be able to play great music.
Founder of the Villars Music Academy - Aline Champion